CCTV solutions

MST provide expert services in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of small, medium and large scale CCTV solutions.

CCTV solutions

We offer high-end Closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions throughout South Africa to commercial, corporate and industrial clients.

MST make use of a limited “brand portfolio” when selecting CCTV cameras for client supply and installation. Our brand portfolio is extensively tested in our CCTV laboratory, using the Rotakin test standard and methodology to ensure that the cameras comply with the standard. This further ensures that our camera selections are able to gather video evidence, as appose to video footage.

We are also product agnostic, meaning that we are able to source other leading brands should the required solution dictate us to do so. This is primarily done to interface into or add onto existing CCTV systems.

Our main CCTV brands are:

  • Avigilon
  • Milesight
  • Hikvision and
  • Tattile (ANPR)

All these brands offer an array of high-resolution megapixel sensors, and built-in video analytics support recording directly to network-attached storage devices. The megapixel CCTV resolutions are available from 2MP to as high as 10K HD (Avigilon Pro Line).

We pride ourselves in our extensive experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, providing our clients with a comprehensive surveillance solution to meet any requirement.

MST also believe in long-term, functional solutions. Therefore we are able to provide an optional maintenance element to our solutions, being managed by our Service Desk via an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Rotakin testing & compliance

“Any CCTV images must be adequate for the purpose for which you are collecting them. It is essential that you choose camera equipment and locations which achieve the purpose for which you are using CCTV“.

There is little doubt that CCTV currently plays a more important role in the security industry than ever. It is also a fact that many systems don’t work to their full potential due to poor camera performance in terms of focusing, positioning etc. The MST solution to this problem comes in the form of the Rotakin.

Rotakin can be used simply and efficiently to measure and improve CCTV camera effectiveness, and are specified for use in BSI Standard EN 50132-7:1996 and recommended by the National Approval Council for Security Systems (UK).

MST use Rotakin to monitor and maximize camera performance in any CCTV system in order to ensure that identification of intruders, vehicles etc. is possible.

As security system trainers, we include Rotakin as part of our CCTV systems training, highlighting the fact that the units should be an integral part of all well-specified, installed and maintained CCTV systems.

Furthermore, we perform Rotakin tests on all cameras deployed on our sites to ensure that the final setup of all the cameras is done correctly. Rotakin audits are also performed bi-annually on our client sites where active SLA’s are in place.

  • Rotakin was developed by the UK Home Office and is the only device specified in BSI EN 50132-7: 1996 to test CCTV camera performance.
  • Rotakin has also been adopted and approved by CENELEC, the European Committee for electrotechnical standardization
  • Rotakin is also recommended in the code of practice NACP 20, published by the National Approval Council for Security Systems. (NACOSS)

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