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We are the official distributors of Ceragon & Aviat microwave transmission equipment in South Africa. We also offer an array of wi-fi and fibre optic transmission solutions.

Microwave network solutions

As a multi-disciplinary security organization, our mission is also to serve and protect. To do this, we need to keep our clients connected, which is no longer only about basic voice connectivity.

We live in an era when multimedia is the key to effective first responder management, and in Command & Control Centers, this also includes the ability to provide live video feeds from various sources.

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Ceragon – Microwave connectivity:

At the heart of our solutions is the FibeAir IP-20 Assured Platform. We recognised that the best mission-critical wireless backhaul solution had to enable three things:

  • Increase operational efficiency – It has to be efficient to run. It needs to maximize capacity and performance while minimizing running costs such as spectrum fees, tower lease fees, shelter and storage rent, and labour and power-related costs.
  • Ensure peace of mind – It needs to be reliable and secure, ensuring mission-critical service availability and it needs to answer wireless backhaul needs – now and in the future. Whether modernizing an LMR network into public-safety LTE, enabling multimedia services or deploying a citywide surveillance camera network.
  • Keep first responders connected – We rise to the challenge of keeping first responders connected, by allowing “always-on” command visibility and situational awareness to support the mission. That means you can respond quickly to ongoing situations, mobilize your network to where and when it is needed, and allow you to better protect and serve.
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Aviat – Microwave connectivity:

The demands on governments have never been more evident than during the recent pandemic. As a result, the need to connect multiple agencies, citizens, and communities has become paramount, and the modernization of government networks an imperative. To transform critical network infrastructure to meet this challenge, and with 5G on the horizon, network capacity, scalability, security, and resiliency are more important than ever before.

Aviat wireless transport systems, Private LTE, and Virtual Fiber platforms are purpose-built for environments that demand the highest levels of performance. Our platforms work together under one premises or hosted cloud-based management system to provide high speed connectivity with low latency to enable seamless and secure connectivity for government offices, agencies, and organizations around the world. To ensure regulatory compliance, Aviat adheres to international and U.S. government security standards. Also importantly, we minimize the risk, complexity, and cost of wireless networks.

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