Off-site monitoring

The term off-site or remote surveillance refers to the monitoring of surveillance equipment such as CCTV, Intrusion Alarm and other systems installed on client premises, from an offsite location.

Off-site monitoring

Off-site monitoring is not new to the South African Security Industry. Intrusion Alarm companies have been providing this service for years, dependent on telephone lines and radio transmitter equipment to relay the “alarms“ to a central control room.

However, Intrusion Alarm Systems have migrated from “old school” systems to high-end systems, capable of utilising high-speed telecommunications such as 4G and 5G and not anymore reliant on old telephone lines or even radio transmitters.

CCTV Systems migrated in the same way. From old cumbersome analogue systems, CCTV became high-end digital systems, capable of transmitting high-quality video images via 4G and 5G from any location to a central control room.

MST have a SAIDSA certified 365/24/7 control room which is manned by our own in-house trained control room operators that can monitor security systems and more.

Control Room 3

Our off-site monitoring is not limited to CCTV and Intrusion Alarms Systems but includes systems such as BMS, Servers, Server Rooms and other critical infrastructure monitoring.

The benefits of our off-site monitoring service:

  • No staff intimidation
  • No staff collusion
  • Savings on guard compliments
  • Remote recording of events
  • Early warning systems
  • Online support
  • 24/7 checks on security, other hardware and software
  • Emergency activation in the event of a crime or potential threat
  • Liaison with other law-enforcement agencies (SAPS / Metro)

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