Greenpower solutions

We believe in alternative power and, through our solutions, we are able to design, install and maintain these alternative power solutions to the benefit of our clients and that of nature.

Greenpower solutions

As a security solutions provider, we are faced with the daily issues of power interruptions. As security systems are deemed critical, the power supply interruptions must be addressed in an innovative manner, ensuring 365/24/7 uptime for our security solutions.

Our alternative power solutions, where required are designed and suitably sized to also act as a complete power backup solution for corporate clients, factories, warehousing and alike.

Our alternative power solutions consist of:

  • Solar Energy
  • Power Generators
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies and more…

The Mustek Head Office in Midrand boasts one of the largest private solar energy projects in South Africa.

  • 996 solar panels were installed on the Mustek Head Office roof that produces enough power to run 10 000 laptops for an hour.

Our Western Cape branch recently moved into new a warehouse premises.

  • The warehouse roof and carports were used for the installation of 200 solar panels which produce sufficient power to run the facility “off-grid”.

The MST building was supplied with 238 solar panels, producing 61.88kWp / 56kW AC.

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