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MST specialise in forensic science solutions. We were appointed by Foster+Freeman and West Technology Forensics as their distributor for Southern-Africa.

MST forensic solutions

The Forensics division of MST came to being during 2021 with the establishment of a working relationship with Foster+Freeman in the United Kingdom.

Since then, MST have established itself as a provider of high-technology forensic equipment to specific entities within the SA Government, Botswana Government and Namibian Government.

During 2023 we also established a working relationship with West Technology Forensics and BVDA International, and we are looking at expanding the division even further.

We strive to provide professional services to the forensics science environment within Southern-Africa by distributing high-end products as well as providing hands-on practical training in the use of the equipment.

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Setting new standards in the design and manufacture of forensic technology, foster+freeman adheres to a rigorous framework for testing and validating new forensic products, tools, and techniques to ensure that they are based on sound principles and empirical evidence.

Each of the best-in-class forensic instruments is verified by science, through rigorous testing and validation both in controlled laboratory conditions and through the analysis of ground truth data to ensure its accuracy, reliability, and validity.

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West Technology Forensics

West Technology Forensics are leaders in the field of Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) cabinets for the development of fingerprints.

VMD has been proven to develop latent fingermarks on aged exhibits, including cold cases. The technique has also provided remarkable results on exhibits that have been submerged in water, buried underground or have been subjected to high temperatures.

VMD is the best technique for a wide range of exhibits, including – but not limited to –flexible plastic packaging, plastic bottles, glass, fabrics, firearms& fired ammunition, wood, glossy paper, thermal paper, polymer & paper bank notes.

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