West Technology Forensics

We are proud to be associated with West Technology Forensics, which allows MST to supply superior forensic tools and equipment to the Southern Africa market.

West Technology Forensics

West Technology Forensics has appointed MST as a distributor for Southern-Africa.

West Technology are the world’s leading manufacturer of forensic VMD systems.

Their systems have been designed in consultation with leading forensic scientists to ensure ease of operation and consistent, uniform development of latent fingermarks.

Easy to use:

Operating the VMD system could not be easier, using the intuitive, icon-based, full colour, touch control screen. The innovative design of the system provides quick and easy mounting and processing of evidence, with a typical cycle time, from start to finish, of less than 10 minutes.

Innovative design:

The innovative design of our systems provide the precise control of the deposition process to optimise the development of latent fingermarks across a wide variety of evidence substrates, including fabrics, metal, plastic, paper, polymers, ammunition and many more.

The unique configuration of the evaporation sources enables a choice of any combination of 3 metal depositions, e.g., gold + zinc + silver, giving the operator maximum flexibility during a single VMD process.

West Technology Forensics

Click here to visit the West Technology Forensics website

Click here to visit the West Technology Forensics website

Other key features include:

A timed start function to ensure that the systems can always be ready to use, so that evidence can be processed immediately, optimising workflow and saving valuable time. A secure Ethernet connection, allowing for system software upgrades and remote diagnostics to be carried out no matter where in the world the system is located.

The systems require minimal maintenance with no need for costly filtration replacements. Unlike some other forensic processes, VMD is extremely safe, with no health risk to the operator.

New features:

Using forensic VMD to process evidence has never been so simple, thanks to our unique automatic evaporation feature.

This groundbreaking innovation means that the operator can choose to automatically evaporate the gold metal on to the evidence, simply by pressing a button. Then other metals, such as zinc or silver, can also be automatically evaporated and the deposition instantly terminated by the operator.

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