Perimeter intrusion solutions

MST provide expert services in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of perimeter intrusion detection solutions.

Perimeter intrusion solutions

We are able to offer two Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). The first system is an optical fiber-sensing and machine learning based system. The second system is an UGS-based system for area surveillance and perimeter protection.

The Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

The system is optical fibre-sensing and machine learning-based with artificial intelligence which provides covert, instant, and simultaneous classification and location of multiple physical intrusions such as:

  • Personnel (Crawling, walking, climbing, hammering, digging, tunnelling, etc.)
  • Vehicles (Idling, driving, etc.)
  • Machines (Hammering, digging, tunnelling, etc.)
  • Aircraft (Low-flying drones, etc.)

The system secures borders and facilities such as:

  • National borders
  • Airports
  • Military facilities
  • Seaports
  • Prisons/correctional facilities
  • Corporate campuses
  • Power plants/infrastructure
  • Data centres
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Transportation infrastructure

The system offers the best accuracy, the highest probability of detection and the lowest nuisance alarm rate over the longest distances and widest range of field conditions – Immunity to electromagnetic interference – Resiliency to seasonal changes – Various mounting options, including buried, fence or wall.


  • Will process the signal from the fibre sensing cable to detect intruders attempting to traverse a perimeter by cutting, climbing, or otherwise disturbing the DFOS: PIDS (e.g. Fence)
  • Digging and tunnelling up to 30m from the fibre sensing cable in any direction
  • Walking up to 5m
  • Running up to 10m
  • Crawling up to 1m
  • Light vehicle movement up to 15m
  • Heavy vehicle movement up to 30m
  • Loud machine noise up to 15m
  • Locate the position of a detected intrusion within 2m at least 99% of the time in normal operating conditions
  • Detect multiple simultaneous anomalies, where anomalies are separated by a fiber sensing cable distance greater than 15m
  • Support 1000’s of ‘virtual detection zones’ or regions
  • Capable of custom calibration to function in multiple environments and conditions simultaneously. For example, Multiple fence types, Suspended and buried

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Omtrex Seismic Detection System by Sensor Solutions

This system is an autonomous perimeter security system and is a UGS-based system for area surveillance and perimeter protection of zones with no power and communication infrastructure.

  • Border Surveillance: Omtrex is securing over 2000 km of State Borders worldwide. Since its first deployment in 2006 the System has proven itself as a highly efficient solution for border surveillance in any geographical and climate conditions.
  • Pipeline Security: As of today, more than 1500 km of oil and gas pipelines and infrastructures are being monitored and secured with the Omtrex system all over the world. The system is being used extensively by major players of the oil and gas industry for crime prevention and anti-terrorism activities.
  • Perimeter Security: Omtrex can be used as a stand-alone and self-contained solution for long perimeters’ protection as well as an integrated part of multi-layered systems. Deployment of Omtrex as an early warning detection system provides security personnel with the time needed to safely react to potential threats.
  • Critical Infrastructure Security: Autonomous and wireless architecture of the system allows security staff to protect infrastructure facilities located in remote and out-of-the-way places. Concealed installation of sensors significantly decreases the risk of system damage due to vandalism acts.

The advanced UGS system utilises different combinations of sensors to achieve efficient moving target detection.


  • 5 years of autonomy
  • Mesh network
  • Unique seismic signal processing & algorithms


  • Remote control
  • Minimum maintenance & support
  • Easy integration

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