Track & trace solutions

MST provide expert services in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of track & trace solutions.

Track and trace solutions

We can provider two track and trace systems. The first system is the Mustrac-Quatenus Asset Tracking & Monitoring System and the second system is the Hardcat Sentinel Track & Trace System. Live monitoring of both these systems can be performed from our MST Control Room.

The MusTrac/Quatenus Asset Tracking & Monitoring System

MusTrac/Quatenus Machine Assets is a management system for mobile/movable Asset that provides support functions to plants and facilities scattered over large areas, especially when you need control over allocated vs. available capacity is key for their performance level and needs to be monitored regularly. This system uses GPS and GSM technologies to provide real-time information of the device’s position, state and performance. This means that you can have a larger amount of relevant data to decide and act upon which, in turn, will improve efficiency as well as reduce operational costs and increase productivity by capitalizing on occupancy performance of your installed capacity.
Apart from management objectives centred on conformity, control, efficiency and accountability, Quatenus Machine Assets also guarantees that objectives focused on increasing the profitability of mobile assets (equipment and machines), and return on investment are achieved.

The system has been developed specifically for companies with the following profile:

  • Businesses that are mainly based on the use of transportable assets and means of production for operational support that involve their placement at scattered locations/ manufacturing facilities

  • Businesses that need to manage, plan and control their capacity regarding their production equipment and support operations in contexts of high complexity (dispersion of locations, diversity of asset types, high amount of variables to take into account for internal cost allocation and billing)

Mainly departments that manage:

  • Planning and Operations
  • Logistics and Assets
  • Administration and Financial Services
  • Supervision
  • Controllers

Compliance, Control, Efficiency and Accountability

  • Master the main critical factors linked to costs associated with the use of their assets directly linked to your productive activity, as well as its costs of non-use (excess capacity)
  • Automatically process, in a transparent, reliable and fast way, all the information related to the operational business productive activity involving the movable assets, reducing, therefore, the administrative effort required for calculating costs to be charged to respective cost centres and in the allocation of internal transfer notes
  • Define and implement a policy and regulations for the utilization of movable assets, in the context of a strategy of maximizing the profitability of the installed capacity, substantially reducing subcontracting costs.
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Hardcat Sentinel

RFID Sentinel – asset tracking with fixed readers

RFID sentinel asset management and tracking solutions help to manage information such as item quantities, personnel assignments and maintenance needs. The purpose of tracking and monitoring systems is to track the movement of physical assets via barcode, RFID and GPS technologies.

In the MST customised solution:

  • Hardcat Sentinel captures and associates the tags
  • Sentinel updates the Hardcat DB and attaches images and video material to the event
  • Any anomalies/mismatches trigger an “alert”

Our Hardcat Track & Trace Solution offers:

  • Which authorized persons moved past with which asset at which day/time
  • Which unauthorized persons moved past with which asset at which day/time
  • Which asset moved past without being associated with a person
  • All camera material to be attached to reports

RFID asset tracking solutions focus on advancing fixed RFID readers by integrating sensors and other communication technologies, through which users can track their assets. Vendors in the fixed RFID reader market are also focusing on integrating fixed RFID readers with IoT and big data platforms to identify an object and its location.

RFID asset tracking systems are a cost-saving organisational tool. Used by large warehouse operations and businesses with expensive and/or mission-critical movable items. With these items travelling around a single facility or between multiple locations.

Major benefits of RFID sentinel with fixed-readers:

  • Tracking assets automatically with an RFID solution offers two major benefits; automated workflows relating to asset movements and automated asset data collection. You no longer need to manually enter data when issuing and returning or checking-in/out moving items.
  • Fixed RFID readers (mounted on walls, ceilings or doorways) will scan the RFID tags for you. Recording the locations as the items move around, eliminating clerical errors and keeping your asset register up-to-date.

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